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A tremendous amount of activity in your home centers on your kitchen. Therefore, it is only natural that the design of this room, more than others, offers the best comfort, functionality, and durability. Not only will you cook and likely eat many meals there, but it is also the default hub for entertaining. Knowing this, it is no wonder the kitchen is at the top of many Augusta, GA homeowners’ home improvement list.

As the leading business for a custom kitchen in Augusta, GA, T R Hoover Construction will change the way you live in your home. A spacious and functional custom kitchen is the most desirable. The look of your custom kitchen is entirely up to you. After hearing your ideas for your new kitchen, I will give you the kitchen you have always dreamed about, cooking and dining in luxury and style. You want complete control over your kitchen space, and I will give you just that.

You can choose any color, material, or design that you want. I will provide the custom kitchen you want in order to add a sense of individuality to your home. You can choose to remodel your entire kitchen, or you can request a small project, such as tile work. My custom kitchen remodeling services include:

• Tiling
• Window Replacements
• Countertops
• Cabinetry
• Carpentry
• Flooring
• Painting

If you are seeking to increase your home’s value, a custom kitchen gives you an excellent return on your investment. I work endlessly in making your kitchen renovation process a stress-free experience for you. Instead, I want you to be excited and happy during the whole process. I want you to see your custom kitchen and smile with contentment in seeing your personality and style reflected in my work. To turn your kitchen into the one you have always envisioned, contact T R Hoover Construction.

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